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The Virtual Airline World message board has been opened for virtual airline announcements. All virtual airlines are free to send any news items or announcements to this message board.

Apart from this board - all virtual airline annoucements and pilot recruiting messages are not allowed in our forums. This forum is created for them, so then please post them only here.

Rules for VA Announcements

Please observe the following rules before posting your message:

Post a message / announcement only when you really have something to tell. The forum is meant for announcements (= when you have something new to tell to others), not for advertisements.

Do not post a message saying that "my VA needs more pilots" or "my VA is now open - join us now". Have some content in the messages.

Staff recruiting messages and other information bits (like a message describing the history and backgrounds of your VA) are more than welcome, but again - do not post those "join my airline now" messages.

Message titles

Remember to use a clear title when starting a new topic. A good title should describe the contents of the message / topic, as it's the main factor for other users to open the topic in question.

Some good titles:

"AirVirtual launches a new website"

"Virtual airline questionnaire"

Bad titles:


"Got a question"

"Join my airline!!"

If you have any questions, please contact the board moderators.


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