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fsGreece's Screen Shots board is intended for flight simulation screen captures and also for aviation related photographs. You can either send individual pictures or full picture series in one thread.

Attaching panel

You can attach images to messages with the discussion forum's own "Attach images" function. The window of the attachment function contains more detailed instructions of the subject. You can also link the pictures directly from another server, but in this case the maximum allowed width for images is 800 pixels.

It's also a good practise to inform other users in the title of the topic if the message you sent contains multiple (>10) pictures. This is useful for the owners of slower internet connections.

To avoid long loading times, useless server burden please select carefully the images you wish to post. Do not post all your images, but instead select the best of them. Try to keep the number of images small (recommended maximum 5 per message). Administration reserves the right to remove images if needed.

Taking screen captures from the simulator

If you have FSX you can take the screen image with default FSX function.

If you have FS9 you need some program capable of editing images. A good example of a freeware program is IrfanView.

Take a screen capture from the simulator by pressing PrintScreen
button. The image is then transferred to Windows' clipboard. After this, move to the graphics program where you can paste the image from clipboard as a new image. Then you can crop and resize the image as needed and save it in JPG format to your hard drive. When the width is less than 800 pixels and size less than 150 kilobytes, the image can be attached to forum's message.


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